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May Update

After a very wet start we are finally underway with the 2019 season! Thanks to everyone for their patience as we cancelled, rescheduled, moved locations and told everyone to keep off the infield for the first few weeks. It was tough but our coaches have risen to the challenge.


It is with much excitement that we bring you news of….bathrooms. That’s right, real running water. The Town of Aurora and the Parks Department has generously allowed our organization use of bathrooms by the community pool. After several meetings, our fantastic highway department was able to change up the entrance to allow for our use of REAL bathrooms. They will be open anytime the snack shack is open, which is generally from 6pm until games end on all game days. Please accompany small children and there is to be ABSOLUTELY NO ADMITTANCE TO THE POOL. Please be respectful of the property and we hope this will be able to continue for many seasons to come.

Snack Shack is Back!

The Shack is BACK! After hearing from many families that they missed the convenience of the snack shack, we’ve been able to bring it back with all proceeds going back to EA Baseball and Softball this year! Pizza, popcorn, ice cream, popsicles, drinks and other snacks will be available for purchase during game days from 6pm.

EA Baseball and Softball has a new website!

In order to improve our efficiency we are using the Sports Engine software and app. Please download this app or login for laptop/desktop access.
This will be the primary way in which coaches and the league will communicate. In the app, you’ll be able to view your players schedule, send and receive messages, post pics(viewable
only to your team). Coaches will know who’s coming to practice and be able to post up to the minute updates/weather info. If downloading this app is not an option for you, please let your
coach know so they’ll be able to set up an alternative form of communication.

To use the Team App, each parent/guardian needs to:

1) Download the Sports Engine App on your device:

2) Login to your Sports Engine Account on the app. If you signed up as Parent/Guardian 1, you should be automatically linked.

3) To add other authorized parents or guardians to: View the team schedule, RSVP to games and events, message team members, and edit the athlete's profile follow these instructions.

Other Upcoming Events

5/20- Let the Games begin!
6/3- Pizza night! Pizza Del Aureos will donate a percentage of sales from 11am to 7pm to our organization!
6/24-7/2- Independence Day Parade Float Building
7/3- Baseball and Softball to march in the East Aurora Independence Day Parade (players who help build the float are eligible to ride on the float during the parade)

East Aurora Baseball and Softball

East Aurora Baseball & Softball is committed to growing the games of baseball and softball in East Aurora. Our goal is to create one of the best programs in Western New York.


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Phone: 716-222-0218